Lowongan Kerja Baru PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia

Vivo | PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia adalah sebuah perusahaan elektronika asal Dongguan, Guangdong, Tiongkok. Perusahaan ini memproduksi ponsel pintar, perangkat sandang, dan layanan berbasis digital. Yang telah memiliki banyak cabang di berbagai daerah di Indonesia. PT. Vivo Mobile berkantor pusat di Dongguan, China merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang berfokus pada penelitian dan pengembangan, manufaktur dan penjualan smartphone di China. Vivo telah memiliki lebih dari 30.000 karyawan, lebih dari 200.000 outlet penjualan, dengan penjualan tahunan llebih dari 60 juta ponsel. Pada tahun 2013, Vivo mulai memasuki pasar internasional dan telah mendirikan kantor cabang di India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Filipina, dan negara-negara lain.

Saat ini PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia kembali membuka lowongan kerja terbaru dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut :
Lowongan Kerja Baru PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia

1. Process Quality Engineer
Job Responsibility:
  • Responsible for process quality control during mass production. Monitor and can directly discover process abnormals. Make reasonable and effective control and also provide the problem analysis and solution. Have to confirm the effectiveness of the solution
  • Establishing and improving processes, regulations, guidelines, standards, and checklists to prevent the reaccure the problems
  • Responsible for the review, verification and confirmation of the introduction and change of manufacturing process, equipment fixture and test plan in the production process.
  • Responsible for writing and updating the “Project Process Quality Planning”, guiding PQC, AQC and line laboratories to complete process quality supervision and finished product acceptance, improve inspection standards and inspection methods, and be responsible for PQC, AQC and line laboratory related test cases and operation guidance and maintenance’s book.
  • Responsible for handling complaints about market issues, follow up the improvement on the related issue

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above majoring in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience more than 2 years in engineering or quality of electronics manufacturer is advantage and Fresh Graduate are welcome to apply
  • Fluent in English or Mandarin
  • Goal Oriented and able to work under pressure
  • Willing to works in Cikupa, Tangerang.

2. DoA Engineer (Defect on Arrival)
Job Responsibility:
  • Responsible for the analyze and classify of defective products from market
  • Promote the analysis and push for improvement
  • Responsible for track, analyze and classify the improve of quality problems of various models

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor or diploma (S1/D3 Major in electrical engineering)
  • Fresh graduate or have experience in the same field (is advantage)
  • Able to operate oscilloscope, programmable power supply and other commonly used test tools
  • Proficient Ms.Office operation
  • Able to work overtime
  • English proficiency (Able to speak Mandarin is a plus)
  • Fast learner

3. Component Quality Engineer
Job Responsibility:

  • Do the inspection and testing scheme for all the materials. Continuously improve the testing level to meet the quality requirement.
  • Controlling, improving, and preventing the material anomalies in production & follow up the new material quality test result.
  • Participate the supplier selection and controlling or improving the material’s quality from supplier.
  • Test planning and verification of the products after the batch failure of market materials, and improvement of material quality.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above majoring in Electronics or Electrical Engineering (Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply).
  • Have a deep understanding of mobile phone materials, familiar with the working principle, manufacturing process and industrial development trend of materials, and have a good understanding of material standards and reliability standards.
  • Good quality awareness and logical thinking, good communication and coordination skills, Good learning ability and focus on teamwork and also able to work under pressure.
  • Fluent in English or Mandarin.
  • Willing to do Business Trip across Indonesia.

4. Production Planner
Job Responsibility:
  • Make production plan and ensure market demand is satisfied.
  • Make material requirement planning and control inventory stock.
  • Create effective and efficient production schedules and arrangements.
  • Monitor production process and output achievement to reach the target.
  • Controlling inventory stock in production floor/worskhop (WIP).
  • Manage the treatment of inactive material
  • Make daily & monthly report.

Job Requirements:
  • Diploma or Bachelor degree (D3/S1).
  • Fresh graduate or have experience in the same field is a plus.
  • Can operate Ms. Office.
  • Willing to work overtime.
  • Proficient English or Mandarin.
  • Fast-learner individual.

5. Manufacturing Cost Control Auditor
Job Responsibility:
  • Responsible for controlling manufacturing cost, push dept reduce the cost continuously, and guarantee to achieve the cost goals.
  • Calculate the cost data, state production loss and labor cost report, hold meeting with engineering and production to review the abnormal and supervise the measurement.
  • Follow up the cost project in workshop and evaluate the values.
  • Close work order, guarantee the accuracy of WIP account and control the material loss.
  • Do stocktake WIP business and calculation.
  • Other related job of manufacturing cost.

Job Requirements:
  • Have related work experience in big manufacturing company around 2-3 years (priority). Fresh graduate are welcome.
  • Fluent in English (oral and writing).
  • Have a good communication skill, high initiative, and have strong responsibility.
  • Strong with data calculation and can work under pressure
  • Preferably have an IE major.

6. Finance Accountant
Job Responsibility:
  • Check all transaction to process the payment.
  • Create payment in internet banking.
  • Manage petty cash transactions.
  • Daily enter key data of financial transactions in database and prepare reconciling bank statements.
  • Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
  • Function in accordance with established standards, procedures and applicable laws.
  • Constantly update job knowledge.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Accounting/Tax/Finance.
  • At least have 1-2 years working experience in related field.
  • Familiar with bookkeeping and basic accounting procedures.
  • Ability to perform filing and recording keeping task.
  • Well organized.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Fluent in Mandarin or English

7. Tax Specialist
Job Responsibility:
  • Preparing Monthly Tax Recapitulation (PPh and PPN).
  • Preparing Monthly Tax Reconciliation.
  • Checking all payment that need to be deducted by tax or not.
  • Doing other administration task.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree or above majoring in Accounting/Finance/Taxation.
  • Brevet License A & B.
  • Have 2 years working experience in taxation.
  • Familiar with tax system (e-filling, e-Billing, and SPT).
  • Fluent in Mandarin or English.
8. Financial Auditor
Job Responsibility:
  • Responsible for checking and recording payment, guarantee legitimacy, compliance and rationality, and correct for financial payment.
  • Manage internal flow and regulate operation for AP and AR including contract, loan, expense, material payment, cash, reimbursement, etc.
  • Make regulation about company expense, take measures for controlling expense, and avoid financial risk.
  • Collect industry financial information, providing effective policy supporting for policy of HQ.
  • Make expense report, report situation, and solution abnormal payment.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree or above Majoring in Finance/Accounting or Management.
  • At least have 3 years working experience about AP/AR and familiar about Indonesia’s taxation.
  • Fluent in English or Mandarin.
  • Good Communication skills, high responsibility, able to work under high pressure environment.
  • Have strong work stability and willing to do overtime if needed.

9. Senior Cost Control Supervisor
Job Responsibility:
  • Cost control for purchasing, manufacture, asset & inventory.
  • Improve the financial business work flow regulation and risk management for the new business.
  • Improving the efficiency of asset system management, inventory management, and procurement strategy for material.
  • Participate in vendor selection by providing financial insight and assessment.
  • Empowering the team member and create nice working environment.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree or above and fluent in English.
  • Have at least 3 years working experiences in big manufacturing company and have experience in managing a team.
  • Able to work under pressure, have a strong responsibility, proactive at work, and willing to work overtime.
  • Stick to principle, clear logic, well organized, good execution and communication. Have ability to manage and plan new business and also make consistent progress of the business.
  • Familiar with material business and procurement business.

10. IT Engineer
Job Responsibility:
  • Monitor, manage, and maintain server room
  • Responsible for all local IT system related things (OS, Server, Storage, Backup, etc.)
  • Responsible for network devices (router and switch)

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree or above majoring in Information Technology and have at least 2 years working experience with IT Systems Administration & Maintaining Network Devices
  • Familiar with Server Room (Data Center), UPS, Precision Air-conditioning
  • Have experienced do the installation & maintaining IT Devices & wiring
  • Experience with x86 server hardware, Windows Server, Linux, VMware
  • Fluent in English or Mandarin
  • Willing to work overtime (if needed)

11. Warehouse Improvement Specialist
Job Responsibility:
  • Provide efficient warehousing management to meet production (customer) requirements;
  • Output warehouse data accurately and in time;
  • Provide proper storage environment to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods in stock;
  • Continuously optimize warehouse operation system and improve management efficiency;
  • Push logistics front-end department to do inventory control.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above that majoring in logistics management, business administration, Industrial engineering or other related major;
  • At least have 1 year working experience in warehouse management of manufacturing industry, fresh graduate are welcome to apply;
  • Fluent in MANDARIN or ENGLISH is a MUST;
  • Familiar with Ms office, management system of storage management system (ERP/WMS/MES/DPS/SRM, etc.);
  • Strong principle, hard working, careful, responsible, have good communication and coordination ability and team cooperation ability;
  • Willing to do the overtime

12. Supervisor Trainer and Development
Job Responsibility:
  • Responsible for training and development for operator based on Production demand. Provide operator back up, multifunction, and important position with good abilities.
  • Responsible in supervising manegement structure development, enhancing employee skill, ensuring and providing good ability people in the company both soft and hard skills.
  • Responsible in providing manpower for production with good knowledge and skill related to designated work post.
  • Responsible in conducting and evaluating the result from regular training for all employee including operator to management level in Production Department.

Job Requirements:
  • Diploma or Bachelor degree (D3/S1).
  • Fresh graduate are welcome. Having experience in the same field is a plus.
  • Good communication skill. Fluent in English/Mandarin.
  • Good leadership and people management skills.
  • Have an integrity, discipline, responsible manner, creative, and critical thinking.
  • Be able to work under pressure.
  • Proficient Microsoft Office operation.
  • Willing to work over time and night shift.

13. System Auditor Vice Supervisor
Job Responsibility:
  • Provide a clear,and compliant account management process and oversee the execution of the process.
  • Conduct business audits in accordance with the principle of account management to ensure that the business output is timely, accurate and true.
  • Conduct business guidance and training for the business operation team to handle abnormal accounts.
  • Promote the progress of localization of departmental work.

Job Requirements:
  • Minimum diploma degree in logistic management or accounting background;
  • Able to communicate with working proficient English;
  • Candidates who are familiar with office softwares and logistic operation system such as WMS/ERP/MES will be prioritized;
  • Familiar with the procedure of warehouse logistic operation, abundant experience in site management, 1 year experience managing warehouse in manufacturing industry;
  • Passion in warehousing, has a strong principle sense, diligent, detail oriented, responsible, open personality, possess a strong coordination and communication skill as well as team work.

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